Raw Earth Plant Vase

Since my thumb turned green, I have enjoyed looking for plant pots and accessories that enhance my green friends and are decorative elements at the same time for my home and garden. Even before my adventure as a plant mom, I had found a really interesting product.

Terra Cruda

Source: Laterracruda.com

The raw earth is composed of pulverized mineral pigments and water, with the optional addition of straw. The solidification of this mixture does not require cooking and takes place with only exposure to air. It is the oldest building material used to build housing structures.

The final effect is visually comparable to plaster and cement. Rough, grayish, rich in texture and dusty to the touch.

The substantial difference compared to these other two materials consists in the absolutely natural composition of the raw earth and in its ability to biodegrade in a short time.

Create a clay pot with your own hands

Raw Earth Vase

Source: Laterracruda.com

What is raw earth?
Raw earth is the oldest building material, the most ecological and sustainable, present since time immemorial throughout the history of architecture: a compound of natural aggregates simply left to dry in the air, without the need for cooking, which does not require energy. primary in production.

RAW EARTH is a mixture of natural materials made according to the theory of the Japanese philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka, pioneer of the agriculture of not doing. RAW EARTH pots have a straw component thanks to which the plants inside require less water.


Pour the dough and a little water into a bowl and knead until you get a compact loaf that is not too moist and well tied.

Create the first part
Put some paper towels in a bowl. Place the straw well on the walls to give the structure solidity, now press the mixture onto the straw. Make sure the edges are thicker and level.

Create the second part
Repeat the same operations for the other half of the vase and create a hole of at least 6/8 cm in this. Do this when the shape is still inside the bowl.

Gently turn the shapes on a work surface and let them dry. To make sure they are partially dry, but not completely dry, just scratch them gently.

Now glue the two parts using the more liquid dough in the manner of a pap. With the same you can also redefine the outside of the shape.

Your pot will be dry after an hour and a half so you can fill it with soil and house the plant.

What’s to add?! Your home will surely happily welcome this new entry. Your rooms will gain in style, homey feeling, and joy.

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