Some simple rules for your garden

A small garden can become a favorite place for your free time during the warmer months, which are fast approaching! In this, we should learn more from the Scandinavian people, who take full advantage of even microscopic balconies, making them welcoming even just to read a book or sip a cup of tea. If your garden or balcony is big enough to sit outside, big enough for a few plants, big enough to give a nice view from inside the house, then it’s not small, that’s right. 


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Having a green area that you can take advantage of is ideal for spending time outdoors, for children to play, for outdoor dining on the hottest evenings, or even for gardening and defeating stress. You can grow your own lemon tree, create a delightful vegetable garden, or if you prefer to start simple, try growing a small collection of succulents.

To start… tidy up. Sometimes simple gestures have the greatest impact. These tidying and cleaning activities will make your garden more beautiful in just a few hours.
Always stick to a simple layout and remember that the “rule of three” applies to most things both in the home and in the garden. So our advice is to use a maximum of three types of flooring and furniture materials. This will give coherence and homogeneity to your garden, which will be the envy of all those who enter it. It is possible to make a garden look beautiful with a wider variety of materials, but it is also more difficult and why make your life more difficult?

The green corner of the house is increasingly perceived as the perfect area to relax and regenerate.

House Garden

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It is for this reason that many design furnishing accessories, pleasing to the eye, but certainly with non-ergonomic shapes, are preferred and replaced by furnishing accessories in which beauty is combined with comfort.
In order to make the garden a space to live, even together with the family, think carefully about how you want to furnish the outdoor space. Do you want to have a table and make an outdoor dining room? Or do you want to laze on the sofas and transform your garden into an outdoor living room? If you’re lucky you might have room for both, but it’s worth thinking about where they should be located – what time of day does each area get the sun?
Simplicity and natural shades are the trends that still persist. White, cream, beige, rope, gray, brown, wood are the most popular colors. The choice of wooden furniture, soft colors in the accessories, and natural decorations will more recall the great outdoors, naturally improving the size of the surrounding environment.
If space is limited, outdoor furniture must be carefully studied. If you choose the wrong type, they can clutter up and take up valuable space that you can’t afford to lose. Multifunctional furniture can help too, like a storage bench.


Garden Lightening

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Not only for when you are out there in your garden enjoying the evening but also for the view from inside the house, lighting is capital.
Try to diversify the lighting. The first point is in favor of practicality: it illuminates the steps, the seating areas, the paths. Next, light up any element you want to enhance: a small fountain, a tree, walls with interesting textures.
Choosing LED lamps is the best solution in terms of savings: an estimated cost of less than 90% compared to other types of lights.

If we are talking about stair markers, step marks, and safety lights, then the LEDs integrated into the new rechargeable solar energy devices are ideal. In practice, during the day the solar energy accumulated by the panel is retained by the battery and then released when natural light falls and conveyed to the sensor that controls the switching on of the LED lights.
As for the outdoor suspension lamps, the main innovations concern the design and textures of the lighting bodies, which become a real piece of furniture.
Increasingly resistant materials and the integration of effective and simple technology are instead the new development keys for wall lamps, spotlights, and recessed lights.

Outdoor flooring: which one to choose


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One aspect that must definitely be taken care of is the flooring. In addition to the green area, you need to be sure of where you put your feet and that the flooring can adapt to the rest of the furniture and, indeed, maybe make it even more impressive. Among the new trends, we find recycled stone slabs for outdoor floors, aesthetically pleasing and also easy to find. If you want a delicately aged look, the installation of reclaimed stone slabs rather than new ones can create a delightful worn effect. The reuse of materials is also a more environmentally friendly attitude.
Borders of flower beds, pathways, steps for outdoor in recycled stone can give a sense of naturalness to your garden and are also quite easy to lay: dry, only with sand, to allow the water to drain and thus avoid the formation of annoying puddles when it rains or water.

Protagonists: the plants

Succulent Plants

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Flowers and plants bring so much beauty to any space they enter, large or small, inside or outside the home. And they can become a hobby.
Lush vegetation, but without excesses, is the rule to follow for plants in small gardens. Remember that plants grow fast and maintenance becomes difficult. Having several groups of plants of a limited variety will not only make your garden look large and welcoming, but it will also help you not waste too much time on care.

The simpler it is, the better. Two or three large pots will have a bigger impact and a sleeker look than a dozen smaller mismatched pots and will be easier to water. One tree, where permitted, is better than three medium-sized shrubs.
Choosing plants that are also suitable for the winter environment will be the key to obtaining beautiful views all year round. Choose boxwood bushes or other sturdy, evergreen plants to avoid having a bare and dreary garden in the cold season.

In all this, don’t forget the “wow” effect. Try to add small splashes with plants that exhibit their colors for a long time. Lavender is a real winner in this field, with its fragrant flowers in summer, but if it is cut in autumn, it will be fine all winter. Perfumes are always worth thinking about: smaller gardens are the perfect places to appreciate smells.
Finally, the use of outdoor shelves to display plants is also an excellent idea to create space without cluttering the floor too much.

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