The Accessories to Have When Cycling in the Rain

With the arrival of the cold season, the urban cyclist gets organized: from the waterproof seat cover to the tactical cape, here is the kit to ride safely even when it rains.

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The past few months have seen a boom in cycling. Even if so, when it rains you might be discouraged. Riding in the cold and especially in the rain may not seem like the best, but remember that being stuck in traffic on bad weather days could be much worse.  Dealing with the rain by bicycle is feasible if you choose the right accessories to ride while remaining dry and obviously in safety.

Tactical and in many cases even super cheap, rainproof gadgets have countless advantages. Here are a few: Waterproof capes, saddle covers, and rain covers for the backpack will allow you to face even sudden storms without problems.

Pedaling in the rain can involve some risks. For your safety, in order to avoid distractions and accidents, it is good to count on a tactical kit that allows you to stay focused while driving, but also to signal your presence with appropriate devices, such as additional lights or light bands. waterproof overalls to put on over clothing and shoe covers, moreover, are the right choice if you want to save your outfits and avoid arriving at the office or important meeting … with clothes to wring. finally, a valid anti-rain kit can also be used to keep the bike sheltered from storms even when it is parked outdoors.

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Rainproof gadgets list:

The bag poncho

For sudden thunderstorms, always keep a practical waterproof poncho in your bag. Skysper’s one is made of resistant and breathable material, it is easy to wear thanks to the presence of velcro and zipper and has reflective strips to make driving safe even in low light. The plus? The practical clutch bag to store it in when you don’t need it.

The helmet cover

For your safety, never forget to wear a helmet, especially when it rains. Among the accessories to have, then also the helmet cover, waterproof, windproof and breathable, to keep the head dry.

The seat cover

Sitting on a wet saddle, you know, is not pleasant at all. Don’t forget to keep a practical waterproof seat cover at hand. The Sportout one adapts well to any model, protects the seat optimally and, thanks to the strap, when you don’t need it you can easily hang it on the handlebar. The extra advantage? The two-pack that allows you to always have a spare!


Source: Pixabay

The rain suit

Are you an irreducible on two wheels in any weather condition? What you need then to save your outfits is a waterproof suit to wear over your clothing. That of Scotchlite has reflective inserts to guarantee maximum safety and adjustable elastic bands for an optimal fit.

The rain cover for the backpack

If you go by bike, the backpack is the most comfortable solution: when it rains, focus on a practical waterproof lining like those of Lama. The wind-proof strap allows you to attach the cover to the backpack precisely while the double nylon layer ensures optimal resistance.

The shoe covers

Feet dry even when riding in the rain? Here is the solution: waterproof PVC shoe covers. Resistant and reusable, they have a reinforced non-slip sole and laces to better adapt them to the ankle.

LED lights

In the evening but also when it rains it is good to focus on the right lighting. Omeril’s LED lights can be used in 6 different modes, have a handy remote control and can be easily charged via USB. And in addition to being easy to mount on any handlebar, they are also perfectly resistant to rain.

The bike case

Finally, to park the bike outdoors even when it rains, a practical waterproof case is essential. Favoto’s is made of sturdy and resistant material, and is very useful for protecting the bicycle from rain but also from dust and ultraviolet rays. It also has a tactical design designed to allow the use of the padlock.

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